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Former Airlines


Avianca Brasil, officially Oceanair Linhas Aéreas S/A, has filed for bankruptcy protection and lost most of its fleet on May 2019. The carrier, which is controlled by the same holding company as publicly traded Colombia-based Avianca Holdings SA, was operating around 30 flights per day using the planes it had left.

Vasp Airlines

The airline was established on 4 November 1933 by the state government of São Paulo. VASP (Viação Aérea de São Paulo) was the first airline to serve the interior of the state of São Paulo. By December 2007, the once-proud company had stopped flying altogether, and was reduced to providing maintenance services to other airlines.

Varig Airlines

Brazilian airline founded on May 7, 1927, Varig formerly the largest airline of Latin America and Brazil’s first airline, stopped flying in 2006. Varig was known and recognized worldwide for its quality.


TransBrasil was a Brazilian airline which ceased operations on December 2001.  Was the third largest Brazilian airline, after Varig and VASP, serving both domestic and international routes.