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Avianca Brazil filed Bankrupty in result of which the government has stopped the company to operate the major routes. ANAC brazil aviation authority stated on Brazil’s civil aviation regulator ANAC said on Friday it that it has suspended all flights and operations of carrier Avianca Brasil in the country as a precautionary measure, added that

All the flights are suspended until the company proves it has the capacity to maintain operations safely. As after the bankruptcy Avianca has lost its most of the fleet which use to operate the major destinations.

This news comes after seven days after IATA suspended the airline from the Bank Settlement Plan , which is a system developed to facilitate and simplify sales procedures and operates in 180 countries for a total of 370 airlines.

How will it effect the passengers

Due to the debt Avianca Brazil has too refund or rebook passengers who have existing bookings with the airline, on to other carriers. For those with upcoming scheduled flights ANAC recommends contacting Avianca and not go to the airport until new information is released.

The company had been operating 37 flights, on average, per day, Since filing for bankruptcy protection, the company has already canceled thousands of flights and suspending operations at several airports, and issues a statment as followes:

“Avianca Brasil informs that due to the reduction of its fleet, it has become necessary to cancel some of its flights according to the list below, which is being updated daily according to possible adjustments. At the moment, the company works to generate the smallest possible impact and provide the best service in airports that do not have more flights, in order to guarantee the accommodation of the passengers.”