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The third Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner Avianca (photo), landed on Christmas Eve, the 24th, at the International Airport José María Córdova, in Rionegro, Colombia. The aircraft is added the other two of the same type that were received last week in Seattle, USA. The new Boeing indicates a breakthrough in the modernization process of Avianca, whose goal is to be one of the market leaders in technology.

With capacity for 250 passengers, 222 in Economy and 28 in Business, Avianca’s Dreamliner seek gather convenience, range and performance. The company plans to fly Colombia, United States, Mexico, South America and Europe with the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner.

“With the addition of modern and sophisticated Boeing 787-7, Avianca constitutes an important symbol in commercial aviation, as the airline that offers the most advanced aviation technology to its passengers. “With the aircraft, we give a new concept in connectivity between Latin America and the world, offering comfort and more enjoyable travel, “said the CEO of Avianca, Fabio Ramirez.

This and other new Avianca’s Boeings will link customers coming out of Colombia to Madrid, Barcelona and London. In addition, the new aircrafts will make flights from Colombia to Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Santiago and Mexico.