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Azul Conecta has signed an agreement with Ampaire to improve six Cessna Grand Caravan aircraft to hybrid electric. The planes will be upgraded with new technology that will make them more environmentally friendly.

The Ampaire Eco Caravan is a hybrid-electric bus that is powered by a battery pack. The bus is owned by a subsidiary of Azul, Brazil’s largest airline.

In November 2022, the Eco Caravan first flew, followed by the announcement of a $9 million award from the U.S. Department of Energy later that month.

Conecta’s regional network benefits from Eco Caravan

Azul Conecta operates a fleet of 27 caravans and serves 84 destinations within Brazil.

The Eco Caravan will help reduce the costs of operating a regional carrier by 25%, while also helping advance the carrier’s sustainability goals. It will be integrated into the carrier’s current operations smoothly.

We’re excited to work with the talented team at Azul Conecta.

The airline company is one of a group of companies that are already using hybrid-electric planes. They are helping to lead the way in this area of aviation.

Azul ordered upgrade kits for its Caravan fleet so that passengers and the environment would benefit from the use of sustainable technologies.

We looked at a range of different technologies, and we found that Ampaire is the best option for meeting our environmental goals.

Azul Conecta is dedicated to innovation and sees the upgrade to the Eco Caravan as a way to improve our path to sustainability and maintain a high safety standard.

Azul Conecta will work with Ampaire to develop charging infrastructure at Azul Conecta’s bases and other airports said Costa. The airline will serve as a connecting service for other Eco Caravan operators throughout South America.

Net zero emissions with SAF

The AMP-H570 has a combustion engine and an electric drivetrain. This means that it can save a lot of fuel and reduce emissions.

Using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) reduces emissions significantly, which helps airlines save money on fuel costs. In fact, the cost of using SAF is often cheaper than driving. This means that passengers benefit too!

The hybrid-electric aircraft is like a regular airplane, but it has a special engine that helps it keep flying for a long time. It can carry a lot of people or cargo, like a regular airplane.

The Eco Caravan has a range of over 1,100 miles, which is more than the range of the Grand Caravan. It also has the ability to haul a lot of cargo, which is in contrast to proposed all-electric, hydrogen-electric and even other hybrid-electric aircraft. The Eco Caravan can operate without needing to be charged, which is a major benefit.

First to market

Ampaire is working with the FAA to certify a new type of aircraft that does not require a full aircraft certification. This approach is different from other certification methods, which can be time-consuming and expensive.