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According Airbus estimates , the growth of the airline market in Latin
America will continue to be led by Brasil over the next 20 years.
The estimate was released on Tuesday by the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus .

For the company, the Brazilian domestic air traffic expected to grow at an
average annual rate of 6.9 % over the next two decades . With
the estimate, the company expects that Brazil will continue to grow at
a faster pace than the world average, which should have expanded by
4.7 % in the same period .

“We expect faster growth rates for Gross Domestic Product of Brazil with
foreigners considering the country a great investment opportunity,
after the decline of the economy in 2012,” says the document released
on Tuesday in London .

“The Brazilian government has also adopted various measures of
monetary and fiscal stimulus to help boost the economy in the coming
years,” added the document.

The expected growth of the Brazilian market will be larger than the expectation for other countries in the region. Domestic traffic in Mexico, for example, will grow at an annual average of 5 % over the next 20 years.

In the rest of South America, the rate of expansion of the internal
motion will be 5.8 % and 5.6% is expected for Central America.

For international traffic, Airbus expects average annual growth of 5.6 %
of flights in the next two decades between South America and the United
States .

Between South America and central Europe  growth should be 5.4%. In South American flights to western Europe, the expansion is expected to be 4.8% .