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In 20 years, 1.325 aircraft will be required to meet the traffic demand in Brazil, according to the Global Market Forecast 2013-2032 Airbus, presented this morning in Sao Paulo. Today, the country is served by 480 aircraft, 369 of them in a hallway and 111 models with two aisles. In Latin America, the second region of the planet in air traffic growth over the next two decades, according to projections from Airbus,the demand for aircraft will be 2300 aircraft, worth U.S. $ 292 billion. “Latin America has an average fleet age 42% below the world average.  In Brazil, where the fleet has an average age of seven years, the rate is 45 % lower than the global average, “said vice president of Airbus in Latin America, Rafael Alonso.

According to the study, the demand for aircraft over the next 20 years will reach 29.230 aircraft, worth $ 4.4 trillion. “Air traffic will double in the next 15 years, as has doubled in the last 15. And we see no reason to let that happen in the future, “said Alonso. He also welcomed the participation of the Airbus market in the region, today at 50%-and are projected to reach 54% next year, before the analysis of orders and deliveries. In 2000, according to VP of Airbus, the company’s market share in Latin America was 12%.


The VP of Airbus in Latin America said that Sao Paulo is one of the few megacities aviation without very large aircraft (VLA, the acronym in English) service. “We know there are at least four airlines interested in flying with the A- 380 to Sao Paulo. Air France, British Airways, Lufthansa and Emirates have expressed this desire, “he said. “ It is up to the Brazilian authorities to make the adjustments so that such equipment can be used on flights to here,” he added .