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The entrepreneur David Neeleman, who is part of the Atlantic Gateway  Consortium that manages TAP, said today in Lisbon that Portugal needs more airports, tracks and everything that facilitates the visit to the country.

TAP is being renovated with new aircraft and technologies, emphasizing

that infrastructure is needed to accompany this modernization. “There are

a lot of people who want to get to know Portugal, but when they arrive here

they can not wait two hours in the line to enter the country or an hour to

catch the taxi,” he said. According to David Neeleman, “Portugal has to

recognize that it has to change and open the door for more people to visit

our country,”. The Atlantic Gateway member, who owns 45% of the TAP

SGPS group, said the solution was a joint agreement between the Government,

ANA-Aeroportos de Portugal and even hotels. “We are not the first country

in the world to face these challenges,” but “if growth is not good for the

Government and it is not good for ANA, it is time to take action.

Lisbon airport is the least punctual in Europe”, he concluded.