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In a presentation on the global macroeconomic scenario, the chief economist at Banco Santander, Mauricio Molan, was emphatic in defense of his views on exchange rate volatility. In a lecture within the activities of the second edition of Aviation Day, which takes place today in Brasilia, he talked about the exchange rate and ensured that the dollar can return to exchange rate of R$2.30, but hardly fall to R$2.20 . “It is virtually impossible to go back to R$2,00” he said.For him, the volatility is so high that the successive high Dollar may continue. “I believe it is possible that the dollar will reach R$2.70 instead an appreciation of the Brazilian currency in this scenario,” he said. “The exchange rate has always been very vulnerable. Whenever there is appreciation of the currency, the real is among the most value. The problem is that the reverse also occurs. When devaluations happen, the real currency is among the most affected,” pondered.