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During the third quarter of 2018, Embraer delivered 15 aircrafts
to the commercial market and another 24 executive jets.
In the year, adding the commercial and executive segments, the
Brazilian manufacturer made 112 deliveries. 
Of the 15 aircraft focused on commercial aviation, two of them were
E190 and 13 of them E175. In the executive market, the 24 units
were divided into small and medium sized jets. Of this category, there
were three Legacy 450, two Legacy 500 and two Legacy 650; 
of that were two Phenom 100 and another 15 Phenom 300 jets.

The third quarter was also positive for prospecting new business.
In the period, the Brazilian manufacturer signed a contract with
Helvetic Airways to purchase 12 E190-E2 jets - the agreement also
provides for the intention to purchase another 12 units of the same 
model. Deliveries are expected to be made between the end of 2019
and 2021.
Another contract was signed with United Airlines, which ordered 
25 E175s with deliveries to begin in the second quarter of 2019. 
In the period, an undisclosed buyer entered into a contract for the
purchase of three E195-E2s and signaled the purchase interest of two
other aircraft of the same model.