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Embraer introduced to the market its new executive 
jets of the medium and super middle categories. 
During an executive aviation conference held this 
weekend in Orlando, United States, the Brazilian manufacturer
revealed details of Praetor 500 and Praetor 600, aircraft 
with advanced technology capable of conducting
intercontinental routes.

The Praetor 500 and 600 were designed for the "entrepreneur,
the pioneer and the innovator," describes the president and
CEO of Embraer Executive Aviation, Michael Amalfitano. 
The jets, he said, "are aircraft that certainly live up to their 
names, leading the way in redefining the characteristics of 
what a medium-sized and super-medium aircraft offer to 
the market."

"The introduction of these aircraft underpins our vision of 
mesmerizing our customers and providing them with superior
 value and the best industry experience."

The range of the jets impresses in relation to rivals of the 
segment. The Praetor 500, categorized as an average jet, 
has the autonomy to fly for 3,250 nautical miles 
(or six thousand kilometers). The super-average Praetor 600
goes even further, connecting distant cities up to 3,900 
nautical miles (7,200,000 kilometers). With this the Praetor 600
will be able to realize non-stop flights between London and 
New York, for example.

The comparison between the Praetor 600 and direct
competitors in the segment shows the difference, 
such as Cessna Citation X (3,125 nautical miles), 
Bombardier Challenger 300 (3,276 nautical miles) or
Gulfstream G200 (3,312 nautical miles).

Luciano Froes, the senior vice president of Marketing 
for Embraer Executive Aviation, describes the new jets
as "the most disruptive and technologically advanced 
aircraft entering the medium and super-medium categories."

"Designed to be different and purposefully disruptive, 
these new aircraft will provide the ultimate customer 
experience with an unmatched combination of performance,
comfort and technology," he promises.

With prototypes in flight test, the certification of Praetor 500
and Praetor 600 has not yet been approved by the 
responsible authorities. Embraer expects that, certified,
aircraft will start operations in 2019, with Praetor 600
starting in the second quarter and Praetor 500 in the third quarter.