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The aircraft manufacturer Embraer announced that it has received new orders for jets from three airlines, especially the Brazilian Azul, who signed a letter of intent for orders that could total $ 3.1 billion.  Azul’s order, however, should be included in backlog in the fourth quarter of this year, according to Embraer, when it is planned to conclude the contract.

The airline, which already has Embraer aircrafts in its fleet with ATRs turboprops and recently announced the addition of Airbus jets to international flights, made a firm order for 30 aircraft model 195 of the second generation, which is being developed by the Brazilian manufacturer.

The letter of intent also considers options for another 20 aircraft of the same model, with an estimated value of $ 3.1 billion at list prices if all orders are converted into firm orders.

With this order, Azul becomes the jet operator-launcher, Embraer said, adding that the first delivery of a plane of the second generation is expected to occur in the first half of 2018.