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Emirates resume its flights to Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro & Buenos Aires in Argentina for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic. These flights were canceled due to the Covid-19 epidemic, due to which people had to face a lot of trouble. But now there is relief that Emirates has resumed its flight.

The resumption of services has had a significant impact and as a result, Dubai Airlines is more active with over 90 percent of its pre-pandemic network. With this, it has started flights to more than 130 destinations around the world.

If you are looking for flights to South American destinations, Emirates flights to these are operated via Boeing 777 aircraft. With this, there is also news that Jet was given a warm welcome with samba dancers and a water cannon salute on his maiden visit to Rio de Janeiro.

Onward service to Argentina was cordially welcomed with a tango dance presentation. Simultaneously, consideration of the Argentine Tourism Board, the aircraft was also greeted. Flights to the Argentine capital are through a connection in Rio, & the resumption of flights from Dubai means tourists will once again have direct service between the two towns with Emirates.

Emirates citizens traveling to other places in South America, including connections between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, can take benefit of Emirates codeshare & interline partnerships with local partners such as GOL, LATAM, Azul, Copa & Avianca. Can

An airline that connects Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires to and from Dubai has been ranked among the world’s best-in-class this week. The airline is running four weekly flights.

The flights depart from Dubai at 8.05 am & reach Brazil at around 3.30 am. Traveler bound for Argentina has a stopover of one hour and 45 minutes before the flight to Buenos Aires, where the flight lands at 8.40 pm.

Its return time is 10:20 and it departs from Aziza International Airport in Buenos Aires. And then it lands in Rio the next day around 1 am and in Dubai at 11.35 am.

Rio Brazil is the second destination for the airline as it already operates in Sao Paulo via its A380 superjumbo.

Residents of Brazil and Argentina who wish to travel to Dubai can also avail of the Visa on Arrival facility. This facility makes stopping at the emitter point hassle-free. South American travelers can take advantage of Emirates codeshare & interline partnerships with other airlines. All of these airlines comprise Avianca, LATAM, and Azul to fly to other local areas.