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For Gol, the partnership signed between Azul and Latam this week is positive for the market and follows a global aviation trend worldwide in this, which is the worst crisis in the sector’s history. The airline’s president, Paulo Kakinoff, sees the sense that such an agreement should be made in times of pandemic and believes that Gol is well served on regional routes. So in principle, it does not need a deal similar to the one reached between its two main competitors.

“This agreement leads to rationalization,” said Kakinoff. “The biggest challenge for airlines in this crisis is to match supply and demand. A mismatch in this flow is what represents the biggest threat to the companies’ cash flow and consequently, their economic sustainability”, justified the president of Gol.

For him, this is a natural movement due to the COVID-19. “The companies [Azul and Latam] themselves say that the agreement would be unimaginable before the pandemic,” pondered Paulo Kakinoff. “So, just like what is happening and will continue to happen in the rest of the world, the tendency is for companies to come together out of necessity to face the crisis.”

However, the signing of new partnerships should not happen with Gol anytime soon. “Fortunately for us, the company does not see the need for a similar movement now, not even to target regional markets. With the partnership with VoePass, we are expanding this penetration. Most of the regional destinations were introduced last year as an additional market for Gol. We have managed to increase our capillarity in the regionals “, he affirms, reinforcing the idea that” this is a positive, benign, natural movement resulting from the crisis. “