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GOL Brazilian Airlines might be getting a break, during the worldwide crisis that has hit the airline industry extremely hard, and brought its number of daily flights to only 50, with only 10 aircraft.

Of the 137 planes that GOL Airlines flies throughout Brazil and some international destinations, like Miami, Orlando, Buenos Aires, GOL may and up with only 100 planes.

GOL could reduce its fleet to 100 airplanes by letting letting lease expire on a number of planes and return them to the lasing companies.

GOL was planning to replace its 737 NG fleet with the 737 Max Airplane, which has been grounded, as Boeing has unable to secure the plane recertification.

Leases for commercial planes vary according to the type of aircraft, but eight to 12 years term is not unusual. Gol Airlines currently has 29 Boeing 373 NG, that were delivered 12 years ago.