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This Wednesday GOL Airlines announced a free stop-over service for customers passing by São Paulo, up to two nights.

That means if you are traveling to Brazil and have a connection in SP, you will be able to stay up to two nights in the city with no extra charge.


In 2017, Gol had 36.2% of the domestic and 10.8% of the international market shares in terms of passengers per kilometer flown, making it the largest domestic and third-largest international airline in Brazil.

At this moment, the service is valid only for tickets purchased on the company website. By 2020, it will be available for third-party agencies and also the mobile app VoeGOL.

“We currently have an average of 32,000 passengers arriving daily in the state of Sao Paulo, and the possibility of making this additional stop will certainly be a big draw, with two trips on one ticket,” said Paulo Kakinoff, president of GOL.