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Brazilian carrier GOL Linhas Ares celebrates the first anniversary of its 100% carbon-neutral route. Also known as the ultra-low-cost carrier, it operates from Sao Paulo’s Congonhas Airport to Bonito, Brazil’s second 100% carbon-neutral route.

Anniversary of Brazil’s second 100% carbon-neutral route

On December 2, 2021, GOL & its partner Moss launched a way from São Paulo’s Congonhas airport to Bonito in Mato Grosso do Sul. The way was Brazil’s second 100% carbon-neutral route. GOL & Moss shoulder all the costs without charging passengers that opt to fly on the route. GOL believes the route is a gift to passengers & distressed care for the planet.

Within a year since the launch of the Congonhas-Bonito course, more than 2,700 tons of CO2 have been saved on more than 210 flights. The amount of CO2 emissions prevented by this airline, if compared to saving trees, is equivalent to saving approximately 387,133 trees annually.

World Environment Day which is in June and last year in June GOL launched an innovative campaign to provide its passengers in Latin America a chance to offset the carbon emitted by their flights which is working successfully today. The campaign was named #meuvoocompensa and was created in partnership with Moss. The campaign aims to target travelers who care about the earth and the setting.

GOL resumes all flights to EZE

About four days ago, GOL reappeared at Buenos Aires’ Iziza airport after a gap of three years. Earlier in December 2021, the all-Boeing 737 Brazilian airline suspended all flights to Aziza. The reason for doing this was to focus on the nearby George Newbery Airfield (AEP), more commonly known as the Aeropark. Currently, GOL has resumed flights to EZE, flying to the airport from Florianópolis (FLN), João Pessoa (JPA), Maceió (MCZ), and Natal (NAT).

Of the four cities, only Florianópolis will have direct flights to EZE; The other three have been set up to provide AEP service. During the 22/23 travel season in the peak summer season, GOL will offer nine routes between Brazil and the Argentine capital.

About GOL

GOL, Brazil’s barely good low-cost carrier, was founded in 2001. Its initial flight was on January 25, 2001. The low-cost carrier just operates Boeing 737 aircraft & has a fleet of 146, including many MAX8s. Two of its routes through the MAX aircraft are in the world’s top 10 greatest flights on the MAX. The airline flies the MAX from Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, to Orlando International Airport & Miami International Airport.