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Brazilian low-cost air carrier GOL Linhas Aereas to improve its international connectivity. Recently the air carrier announced the launch of a new route between the northwestern Brazilian city of Manaus to Miami in the United States, resuming operation between Fortaleza of northeastern Brazil to Miami in the United States and increasing flight frequency to Uruguay.

Working to link across South America

GOL Linhas Aereas is working on restarting international operations after a long wait for the pandemic restrictions. It resumed its first international service in November 2021 to Uraguay’s Montevideo International airport, MVD.

Presently GOL Linhas Aereas airline regularly flies to Uraguay’s capital from GRU, Guarulhos International Airport. From September beginning, the weekly frequency of flying will increase by ten times, connecting both destinations. And from October beginning, daily twice takeoffs to MVD, Montevideo International airport, as stated by GOL.

GOL’s International market commercial manager, Luiz Teixeira, has expressed her support and belief in the South American continent, particularly Montevideo International airport, MVD. 

Luiz Teixeira expressed their confidence that by October beginning, GOL Linhas Aereas airline will begin twice-daily flights to the neighboring country, supporting customers’ travel plans. 

GOL Linhas Aereas airline has employed a fleet of Boeing 737-800, which offers the capacity of 176 passengers on international travel routes.

Enhanced connectivity between Brazil and Uruguay

As on August 2022, South American neighboring countries have connectivity by 23 weekly flights. To connect these two neighboring countries, operators are Brazilian, GOL Linhas Aereas, LATAM, and Azul airlines. Azul airlines have one daily flight connecting Montevideo with Porto Alegre, GOL Linhas Aereas flies every day out of Sao Paulo, and LATAM airlines fly nine times per week connecting Sao Paulo with Montevideo.

According to Cirium’s data, during the pre-pandemic time, both countries connected with 41 weekly flights. It will take some more time to restore services to the pre-pandemic levels. Till now, only Azul airlines have restored its service to maximum capacity. 


Matías Carluccio, Aeropuertos Uruguay’s commercial manager, said that the resumption and increased flight frequency connecting Sao Paulo with Montevideo boosts tourism and business sectors. GOL Linhas Aereas is also looking to add two international routes across the Americas. The airline is to launch connecting flight between Brazilian Amazonas capital city via Manaus International Airport to Miami International Airport in the United States of America. This route will be functional from 17th December.  Also, from 3rd December, GOL Linhas Aereas will resume from Fortaleza International Airport (Fortaleza, Brazil ) to Miami International Airport.