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GOL is one of the largest airlines in South America, and the latest generation of its fleet is here to stay.GOL’s new Boeing 737 MAX has arrived in Brazil.The aircraft is the first of two that the airline will receive this year, and it will be used to replace its Embraer 190 fleet. The second aircraft is scheduled to arrive in 2020.

Shares were bought for $260,000 plus dual delivery charges. The Boeing plane was bought by GOL Airlines, a Brazilian airline that is owned by Delta (DAL) and Alitalia (AZA). The price of the shares is important because their new fleet of planes cost around $40 million each, which means that they have invested about 20% of their total value in aircrafts.

The delivery charge of $150,000 per plane is also very significant because this number is approximately twice as much as any other airline has paid before them to buy new aircrafts. Why? Because Airbus has stopped producing A320neo planes due to lack of demand from airlines around the world in 2019 – 2020 timeframe (Boeing 737 MAX 9 and Airbus A321NEO instead). This means that unless you get there first with your order for new airplanes, then expect high prices!

In 2018, GOL signed a contract with Boeing for over 200 Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft.

GOL announced that it has received its first Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft. The airplane, with registration number PR-GOO, was delivered to GOL on Monday (January 14th) at Paineiras Airport in São Paulo.

The delivery of this aircraft is part of an order signed by the company in 2018 with Boeing for more than 200 airplanes.

In its current fleet, GOL has 4 Boeing 737-800s and 2 Boeing 737-700s that are already fully compatible with MAX 10 engines and will gradually be replaced by 787 Dreamliners or MAX 8 aircraft over the next several years. The brand new Boeing 737 MAX from GOL Airlines is here in Brazil!

GOL Airlines has received the brand new Boeing 737 MAX 8 in Brazil. The aircraft is the newest model of the 737 MAX series and is used for short-haul flights. It’s already flying with passengers on board as part of a test flight.

The plane was delivered to GOL in Rio de Janeiro, where it will be used for its daily flights between Rio and São Paulo (GRU). There are around 120 seats on board, including 10 business class seats, 76 economy class seats and 16 more affordable seats at a reduced price.

As you can see, the brand new Boeing 737 MAX from GOL Airlines is here in Brazil. This means that there will be more opportunities to fly with them and enjoy their service. We look forward to seeing more planes arrive in the future as well!