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In this week’s summary, a complete study of airport data by The Wall Street Journal concludes that San Francisco International is the county’s best and top airport. This puts Sacramento in the primary place among mid-sized series. A local airline group warns of an imminent “collapse” of air service to small cities due to pilot dearth. Alaska Airlines has dropped the LAX route & will not return to Sun Country Hawaii, but will carry on adding a number of domestic routes.

Frontier includes a Phoenix route, & Spirit extends to San Antonio; Delta partner LATAM is setting up a new California path to Brazil.

The Wall Street Journal takes an information jump into statistics concerning the nation’s 50 biggest airports. It concluded that San Francisco International & Sacramento global ranked No. 1 in their own categories. SFO came out in primary place among the 20 busiest U.S. airports in terms of traveler numbers, & SMF took the top spot among 30 midsize services. The newspaper said it study data on 19 factors in its rankings, ranging from airlines’ on-time presentation to standard ticket prices, security line waiting time, costs at airport concession, the results of J.D. Power’s yearly survey of passenger pleasure, and more.

In a report, the Journal reported that at the San Francisco airport, “travelers will be able to enjoy a yoga room as well as art exhibits and more. In addition, they can return to outposts of neighboring restaurants such as bun me and Boudin Bakery.” or enjoy special live music Special water filling stations at these airports feature hot, cold and room temperature water refills and may soon be dispensing free seltzer.

It’s all slight comfort when flights are late—a continual problem specified by the city’s signature fog—but a topper to a great airport familiarity when things go well.” The airport’s good weather, abundant runway space, and helpful customer service are among the many benefits customers have for Sacramento travelers, the article said. The landscape of this airport also pitches directly to the passengers and gives them a unique experience.

Atlanta ranked second among the 20 busiest airports, followed by Minneapolis-St. Paul, Detroit, Phoenix, and Los Angeles International Airport. At the base of the rankings were Newark Liberty & New York JFK. In addition to Sacramento, additional California airports fared well in the mid-sized airport rankings, with San Diego ranked second, Mineta San Jose ranked third, Orange County ranked ninth, and Oakland ranked tenth.