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Chilean budget-friendly airline, JetSMART is looking forward to introducing new routes to Brazil from Argentina and Chile in South America. It’s in response to the hike in passenger demand for the upcoming summer season in the countries of the southern hemisphere. These are high-in-demand routes, and JetSMART will operate on them via the A321neo Airbus.

Latest Route Addition

JetSMART recently announced the addition of two new routes by December 2022 to Brazil. They will be:

  • “Santiago, the capital of chile” To “Rio-de Janeiro, Brazil.”
  • “Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina” To “Rio-de Janeiro, Brazil.”

Adding up these new routes will bring Jet SMART’s route count to 72 across the South American continent.

There were five weekly flights between Santiago de Chile(SCL) international airport to (GIG)Geleo International airport, Rio de Janeiro – every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.JetSMART will begin operation on these routes by 29th December.  And between the Ezeiza International Airport (EZE), Buenos Aires to Rio de Janerio, there will be a tri-weekly frequency of flights. JetSMART will begin operations on this route by 6th December.

Another route to relaunch between Santiago to the international airport of Foz do Iguaçu this year, finally after the easing of pandemic restrictions. Initially, this route began operations in 2020. JetSMART is looking forward to getting the traffic of at least 80,000 passengers in the initial year of launching these international routes. Though there is no announcement from JetSMART, still it’s expected that JetSMART will deploy a fleet of A321neo airbus on these routes.

Connectivity Boost 

JetSMART airline’s CEO, Estuardo Ortiz, has stated that these new routes will provide increased connectivity to the people flying across the South American continent. And JetSMART airline is looking to transport a record 100 million passengers by 2028. He also stated interesting findings from Tourism ministry data that Brazil annually receives 300 thousand Chilean tourists. 

JetSMART airline’s Commercial Director has stated that increasing the connectivity to the prominent city of Brazil in the South American continent will manifold the inbound and outbound passenger travel. The new route addition will ensure that progress in the aviation sector is accessible to all.

Fierce Competition

However, Jet Smart is not the only carrier to fly between Buenos Aires to Rio-de-Janeiro and Santiago to Rio-de-Janeiro. It will face competition from other players like LATAM airlines, Flybondi, etc. A total of 78 flights are there for the above routes for December 2022. For Brazil’s connectivity with Chile- JetSMART’s airline will face fierce competition from LATAM and Sky Airlines.