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For the year, LATAM has been the largest airline in Brazil.

LATAM Airlines expects to start operations in 2023 on a strong note. The airline will add an additional 30% more seats from Guarulhos International Airport (GRU) in São Paulo. This city is LATAM Airlines’ main hub across Brazil, with 1,087 weekly flights and 67 routes offered.

A good way to start the year

LATAM Brasil plans to increase the number of seats available at Guarulhos by nearly 30% in January of next year. This will make it possible to operate over 10,600 flights from this airport in total, compared to the 9,000 flights that were operated last year.

The company said that this growth shows that LATAM is still committed to the country and that its operations have been restored and expanded thanks to the efficiency that was achieved after it exited its Chapter 11 process.

LATAM Airlines Group emerged from a Chapter 11 bankruptcy process last month after successfully negotiating with creditors and reducing its debt. This helped the airline adapt to the post-pandemic business environment more effectively.  Aline Mafra, LATAM Brasil’s Director of Sales and Marketing, said that Guarulhos has been essential in LATAM Brasil’s connectivity recovery.

LATAM Brazil has a fleet of 134 aircraft, including 20 Airbus A319s, 60 A320ceos, 8 A320neos, 31 A321ceos, four Boeing 767-300s, ten Boeing 777-300s, and one Boeing 787-9.

LATAM Brasil in 2022

According to ANAC data, LATAM Brasil carried a total of 23.73 million passengers in the first 10 months of 2022. We hope to update this information as soon as possible, but for now we can only confirm that the total number of passengers during this period was impressive.

LATAM Brazil is back on top this year, after falling behind Azul Airlines last year. Domestic passenger traffic is up 86.3%, and international traffic is only up 40%. This proves that LATAM’s safety and reliability are unmatched.

What can we expect from LATAM next year?

The airline is currently recovering all the pre-pandemic flights it offered. For example, this month, LATAM Brasil fully resumed all the flights it operated between Guarulhos and Miami International Airport. The airline restarted service between Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro.

LATAM Brasil plans to resume one of its most iconic routes in July 2023. This will see the airline operate three weekly flights between Sao Paulo Guarulhos and Johannesburg International Airport (JNB) in South Africa. The Dreamliner fleet will be used for this route. This will make travelling between these two cities much easier and more convenient for passengers.