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While the business class passengers on any flight are highly relaxed due to the luxurious facilities available to them, passengers in the economy class stay neglected of it. Some of the problems that passengers traveling in the economy class quite often have to face are:

  • Fighting for the seat arm
  • Facing kicking at the back of your seat if there is a child sitting behind you
  • A stiff neck in case of a long flight

These are some of the common problems that the passengers traveling just in the economy class of any flight have to suffer. But now some airline companies such as Air New Zealand, China Airlines, and even one of the most prominent Brazilian airlines are coming up with a new change that can offer relaxation to the passengers of the economy class too. 

The New Initiative

A lot of airline companies have been thinking about the facility of offering a comfortable sleep to the economy passengers too in the case of long flights. After a lot of research, recently Air New Zealand has come up with a plan known as Skynest. This will be a sleeping pod that the passengers can make use of for sleeping on a bed bunk that will be available in the economy class. 

While the research is done and the concept is flourishing, it may take some time for this concept to become a reality. According to Air New Zealand, this concept may come up in the year 2024 or so. 

Other Airlines in the Process

Apart from Air New Zealand, now there are other airline companies too such as China Airlines and also Azul Airlines that are thinking of bringing in such a concept for their economy passengers. These airlines are working on the concept of SkyCouch which will be a couch seat including a footrest and other elements to help you sleep comfortably and make your travel more comfortable than usual. 

While such innovative ideas are getting incorporated for the comfort of the economy class passengers too, it is quite obvious that the passengers have to pay extra for these facilities. The passengers buying the general economy tickets will still have to stay satisfied with the usual economy class facilities. But those who will get an upgrade on their economy class tickets with the options of Skynest or Skycouch will enjoy extra comfort, without buying the expensive tickets for business class seats on a flight.