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In 2023, the LATAM Airlines Group plans to resume nonstop service between OR Tambo International Airport in South Africa and Sao Paulo Guarulhos International Airport in Brazil.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic epidemic and more than three years, the route will reopen in July 2023. With the new route, clients can fly directly from Joburg to Brazil on one of the three weekly flights that will carry 300 passengers on board a Boeing 787-9 aircraft, the company stated.

Johannesburg is a new turning point in our strategic worldwide resumption drive, which is increasing the service in areas with high passenger demand. In addition to potential tourism at the site, this flight will satisfy a corporate demand that has always existed between the two countries, it said. About 43 weekly flights between Africa and Latin America as of October 2019. Six airlines ran ten routes, all of which made stops in Brazilian cities such as Rio de Janeiro, So Paulo, Recife, Salvador, and Fortaleza.

Only ten weekly flights connect the two regions, which TAAG and Ethiopian Airlines run. While Ethiopia has a daily service from Addis Ababa to Sao Paulo, TAAG flies from Luanda to that city.

The LATAM Airlines flights are among several new ones that will soon begin operating in South Africa.

LATAM said on Friday that it would resume its sole scheduled passenger route between South America and Africa. LATAM Brazil will begin offering direct flights from Sao Paulo Guarulhos to Johannesburg in July 2023. The South African metropolis will be added to LATAM’s network of more than 20 foreign cities.

Customers traveling on the new route will be able to go to the African city in just 9 hours thanks to the three weekly direct flights on Boeing 787-9 aircraft, which can hold 300 people (30 in Premium business class and 270 in economy class), according to a statement from LATAM.

Cerium records show that as of October 2022, LATAM operated 212 international flights from Sao Paulo Guarulhos to 20 destinations. The airline provides passenger travel to North America, Europe, South America, and Asia from Brazil. LATAM Chile offers flights from Chile to Oceania, with newly reinstated service to Sydney and Auckland.