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Portuguese airlines are recovering better than the Brazilian international market as a whole.

Portuguese airline TAP Portugal has recovered 97% of its pre-pandemic air traffic on routes between European countries and Brazil. In August (latest data available from Brazil’s civil aviation authority ANAC), the airline carried 166,881 passengers, and the second highest capacity after LATAM (233,215 passengers).

A Better way to recovery

TAP Portugal is one of the major international airlines to and from Brazil. According to Cirium, the Portuguese airline operates 69 scheduled weekly flights between the two countries, a tie with Aerolíneas Argentinas (but with far more seats available). Measured by seat count alone, TAP is the second largest airline, ahead of GOL (69 flights and 19,464 seats versus 91 flights and 16,926 seats).

Between January and August, TAP Portugal carried 979,836 passengers. It holds a market share of 10.23% and remains second only to LATAM. LATAM is the only airline with over 1 million passengers (1.49 million to be exact) this year.

In 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic, TAP Portugal was carrying its 1.19 million passengers. As a result, TAP regained approximately 82% of its pre-pandemic traffic levels.

In August alone, TAP carried 166,881 passengers. The figures for August represent a 97% recovery from 2019 levels, and overall, Brazil will record 1.43 million passengers in August 2022, a 70% recovery from the same month three years ago. Did.

Connectivity for TAP Portugal Airlines in Brazil

Portuguese airlines operate 69 weekly flights to Brazil on 12 routes, 10 from Lisbon International Airport (LIS) and 2 from Porto International Airport (OPO). TAP’s main route is the Lisbon-Sao Paulo Guarulhos route, with two daily flights and 4,172 seats available. There are 10 weekly flights between Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro. TAP also operates two additional routes with daily connections from Lisbon to Fortaleza (FOR) and Recife (REC).

 Brazil’s global outcomes so far

Brazilian passenger numbers from January to August were 9.58 million. As already mentioned, only LATAM Airlines carries more than 1 million passengers. LATAM had 1.49 million travelers and a market share of 15.59%. TAP carries 979,836 passengers and has a share of 10.23%. Copa Airlines, the Panamanian airline, had 622,857 travelers (6.50% market share). The top five are American Airlines (592,497 passengers and 6.18% share) and LATAM Chile (498,802 passengers and 5.21%).

 As of October 2022, Brazil has 850 weekly worldwide flights operated via way of means of 29 airlines. These two numbers are 24.2% and 22.8%, with low pre-pandemic levels. Brazil has lost international connections with several airlines, including South African Airways.