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The campaign is already in use among the Brazilian Federal Police for distribution in Brazil. From the information, it was found that it will be shared with Interpol in six languages.

Global anti-trafficking nonprofit The Exodus Road, in teamwork through the Brazilian Federal Police, LATAM Airlines, & Cellebrite (Nasdaq: CLBT), will initiate a video operation on December 14 to instruct law enforcement & the universal public on the dark truth of human trafficking offense. The campaign features a small film that shares examples of ordinary human trafficking circumstances – the sexual exploitation of a 13-year-old girl who’d been promised a modeling profession, the acquisition of a three-year-old boy to pose as a stranger’s child while unlawfully entering the U.S., organ trafficking, forced sex acts with kids in online exploitation & more.

The campaign’s objective is to teach the public to know about human trafficking, so they can help police in finding survivors & stopping traffickers. As of 2022, the International Labor Organization reports that almost 50 million individuals are affected by human trafficking globally. Despite its prevalence, several people stay unfamiliar with ordinary indicators of crime.

The sin of human trafficking has no place on our globe. Nevertheless, it affects almost 50 million people across each country, counting right here in Brazil. The Brazilian Federal Police remains dedicated to combating this crime. In order to get attention to the truth of human trafficking, we’re partnering with The Exodus Road, a global nonprofit actively supporting intervention operations in our nation through the provision of technology & preparation for law enforcement. Human trafficking happens each day, & ending it will need each of us avidly committed to the fight against it.

The Exodus Road fights human trafficking through involvement, training, education, & aftercare services in six countries around the globe. In the year 2021, The Exodus Road partnered with Cellebrite (CLBT), a worldwide leader in Digital Intelligence (DI) solutions for the public & private segment, to launch TraffickWatch Academy: Brazil. The 8-module preparation curriculum for law enforcement has already impacted the release of 164 survivors of human trafficking & the arrests of 20 perpetrators within the nation.

About The Exodus Road

The Exodus Road is a worldwide nonprofit disrupting the obscurity of modern-day slavery by partnering with law enforcement to fight human-trafficking offenses, equipping the community to defend the vulnerable, & empowering survivors as they walk into liberty. Working side-by-side with neighboring employees, NGO partners, & law enforcement worldwide, The Exodus Road fights to release trafficked persons, arrest traffickers, and offer restorative care for survivors. The Exodus Road’s approach to free incorporates interference, training, and education, & aftercare efforts.