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According to a study revealed recently by Air Help, in the first half of the year 2022, almost more than 4 million passengers were impacted by delayed and canceled flights in Brazil. 


Disruptions happening in the aviation world

Different parts of the world have been facing several disruptions such as delays, canceled flights, and even lost luggage. Such disruptions have become much more common in the areas of North America and European countries, other countries such as Brazil are also facing such issues. 


It has been noticed that such disruptions have increased in a year. It was in the first half of the year 2021 that almost 1.2 million passengers were impacted by a such disruption. But by the first half of the year 2022, this figure tripled and the figure stood at 4.3 million. 


Of course, you cannot skip the fact that the number of passengers traveling has also increased when compared to last year. Top Brazilian airlines such as Azul, GOL, and even LATAM Brazil are pushing hard to recover and have even received fruitful results. But there have been no changes noticed in the disruptions that happen in the flight services. 


What are the Passenger Rights?

As the disruptions are increasing with the increasing number of flights, it is essential for the passengers to understand their rights well. Passengers have the right to claim compensation for any damages that have been done to them due to the disruptions such as delays, cancelation, or even loss of baggage. But as per the survey of AirHelp, only 1 passenger out of 62 passengers are facilitated to get compensation for such disruptions. 


This is because it is not always possible for the airline companies to offer financial compensation to all their passengers. Thus, just the ones who are very badly impacted are offered compensation for their losses. 


What is on the card?

Passengers creating chaos have been noticed not just in the airports in Brazil but also at different airports in different parts of the world. There are also countries where passengers have demanded airline companies declare themselves bankrupt if they are not able to pay the compensation. 


But there are some obvious reasons why these airlines are not able to manage such situations. One of the major reasons is a shortage of staff after the covid situation. While the first half of the year 2022 went into a disaster for the aviation industry, it is just expected that the next half may get a bit better.