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We all know that many travelers have waited patiently to come back to explore the world. Also traveling during the past several months—whether you’ve been hit by flight disruptions, the loss of your luggage, or rising travel costs—you’ll need to be patient because there’s something special in store for you.

If you want to make your travel experience better then TripIt is a good option for you as TripIt always strives to make your travel experience better. We’ve got you covered if things don’t go your way. That’s why we have a great partnership with AirHelp, a company that helps air travelers to, from, or travel to the European Union (EU) and Brazil Helps in claiming compensation for appropriate delayed, canceled & overbooked flights.

How does AirHelp work?

It’s truly simple: If you experience a flight disruption that might be eligible for compensation in the EU or Brazil, TripIt will automatically email you and assist you to file a claim through AirHelp.

Once your claim is filed, AirHelp will assist you and work hard to settle your claim. The entire process involves paperwork and communication with airlines. This is all made possible by air passenger rights regulations in a number of jurisdictions. Save commuters from long delays & other tour disruptions.

What flights are qualified for compensation? 

Compensation eligibility varies by nation: You can check different eligibility criteria on the online platform

As a reminder, you will not be qualified to get compensation when a flight disturbance is out of the airline’s control & thus does not be eligible for payment, such as with weather complications.

Does it cost something to use AirHelp? 

In short, not at all: If your claim is successful and you have received the compensation amount, then the company charges a small service fee for that amount. Conversely, if AirHelp fails to assist you in obtaining any compensation, you will not be required to pay any compensation. With over 16 million travelers helped to date, AirHelp has the resources and proficiency to handle the complex claims procedure.