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There are many reasons to choose GOL for your next flight, but the most important one is its strategic alliances. GOL has 77+ interline agreements and fourteen codeshare agreements, ensuring more convenience and easier connections. GOL aims to be the First for All by continually investing in the company’s products, services and customer service. Here are a few of them:


GOL offers a wide range of services. Their flights are scheduled to reach many different destinations throughout the country, including destinations in the Americas. GOL also offers free carry-on luggage, which you can use to store your personal belongings, laptop, duty-free shopping bag, and more. The bag’s dimensions should not exceed 35 x 25 x 55 cm. For more information, visit Gol’s website.


Whether you’re flying for a business trip, leisure trip, or both, GOL Airlines will get you there in style. Their fleet of Boeing aircraft is made up of a combination of B737-700s and 737-800s. Plus, they have recently launched a co-branded credit card. GOL also has a number of other services, including a specialized cargo service.


If you want to enjoy the experience of flying from one point of Brazil to another, NovaGOL is the airline for you. They have increased seats and are able to accommodate extra legroom, and you will enjoy the convenience of WiFi and other entertainment features on their flights. Their loyalty program is one of the best in the business, and they have won numerous awards and accolades. You can even send parcels and get them delivered to various parts of the country by GOLLOG.

Interline agreements

The Interline agreements with Gol Airlines help the airline make ticket purchasing easy for passengers. The agreement enables GOL to issue tickets on behalf of partner airlines worldwide. It also enables GOL to control e-tickets issued by partner airlines. The agreements also help GOL to manage its costs. The airlines maintain ticketless models for most of their domestic and international flights. In addition to these interline agreements, GOL has agreements with Amadeus, Sabre, Delta Air Lines, and others.

Onboard service

GOL’s onboard service makes flying an enjoyable experience. The GOL app lets you stream live TV or select movies before the flight. If you prefer to stay connected while traveling, the GOL in-flight WIFI network is available. GOL offers several packages for the passengers to use popular messaging applications or light browsing. To make your travel experience more enjoyable, you can also purchase a travel card to use on the flights.