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Aena, the world leader in airport operations headquartered in Spain, was recently in the news for winning the Brazilian government’s largest block of airport auctions. Aena won the bid for operating the largest block of airports for $471.61 million (2.4 billion reais). With this addition, Aena expanded its portfolio and entered the Latin American economy.

The only bidder in this auction, Aena, is set to operate 11 airports in the country. These eleven airports are in four states -Sau Paulo, Para, Mato Grosso do Sul, and Minas Gerais. The largest airport among them in terms of traffic is Congonhas Airport, Sao Paulo, with 22.8 million passengers. The Sau Paulo state has a population of 46.3 million with an area of 248,219 square kilometers. Hence the busiest airport.

Aena currently operates airports in northeast  Brazil and won the auction by paying 231% over the least required amount. Aena aims to invest 5.81 billion reais in the block. The winning of 11 airport management bids in Brazil is Aena’s one of the biggest wins on the international frontiers. Aena has experience operating in international airports like London, Mexico, Colombia, and Jamaica. Aena has been proving its mettle as the airport manager. 

XP Inc., an investment management company, and Aegis, an infrastructure company, came together to auction smaller airports in Jacarepagua and Campa de Matra in Rio-de-Janeiro in Sao Paulo. They made offers of 141.40 million reais and looking forward to investing 560 million reais in the future. 

Brazilian companies, Social and Dix, emerged as winners bidding against Vinci Airports in the license to operate airports in the capitals of Para and Macapá states for 125.0 million reais. They bid almost 120% higher than the minimum price set by the Brazilian government.

In aggregation, Brazil expects to receive a total of 2.72 billion reais for the 15 airport concessions auctioned. It will help Brazil better manage the growing air traffic and give better customer service to the passengers.

Maurici Lucena, The chairman, and CEO, of Aena, expressed her belief in the potential and growth of the Brazilian Airline industry, terming to have recovered fully from the Covid-19 travel ban. She has exclusively stated that their motive is to provide value to value to the shareholders and customers. Aena’s international presence is proof of its success, and they are looking forward to creating better airport service management.