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With unavoidable external conditions like the COVID 19 pandemic hovering over the travel industry, it has become mandatory to use resources more efficiently and effectively. The airline industry has been dealing with testing time, which calls for more efficient utilization of resources. Several other factors like supply change disturbances, lead time delays, and unavailable spare parts when required put across problems in the smooth airline operation.

However, technically sound and adaptive airlines ought to create a difference by generating better returns from the rest. Using the latest technological advancement and digitization, airlines can save big on time, energy, and resources. It’s time for the airline industry to recenter their priorities and utilize the resources efficiently. Ones who opt for these latest changes have a better chance of success.

The latest to join the bandwagon is the South American Azul  Airlines, Brazil.

Azul airlines, Brazil is the most reputed south American airline that aims to grow its world presence. Recently Azul airlines took a significant step in the Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) department by amending its aircraft parts procuring method. It has moved its part procurement to SkySelect ePaaS. And within just two months of this change in the MRO department, Azul airlines have been experiencing positive results. It has speeded up the procurement of its parts, thereby utilizing its resources better.

Since this change, Azul airlines have experienced 6% cost savings, resulting in 95% on-time delivery and saving time by automating 65% of on-request deliveries. It has reduced hassle and opened the door to opportunities.

SkySelect’s unique ePaaS model utilizes the latest technology, including artificial intelligence, cloud, and big data, fastening the procurement process. It helps avoid delays and brings better efficiency to airline operations by making the airline part procurement quick, easy, and seamless without any delays. Also, using the latest technology has automated the whole process and aids in saving time and effort. 

As per Tia Dayal, Co-founder and operation head SkySelect – they are happy to collaborate with Azul airlines as they share the same vision of using the technology to become the best in class and provide high-value customer service. 

The growing competition in the airline industry has encouraged airlines to opt for better resources to be more cost-efficient. SkySelect’s ePass for Azul airline’s parts procurement reduces the lead time and thus aids in better customer service.