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Introduction GOL Airline 

2021 was a historic year for low-cost airline GOL (Gol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes) as it completed two decades of its operations. During all these years, GOL Airlines has grown tremendously, accumulating a fleet of Boeing 737 carriers. But do you know what exact variants it currently flies?

Let’s see!!

1) Boeing 737-700

According to, GOL airline’s current fleet consists of 146 aircraft. And all of these are from the Boeing 737 family. Based on the size and capacity, the smallest among them is Boeing 737-700. These are the oldest Jets on the GOL’s fleet, with an average age of 18 years. There are 21 in total in the fleet, out of which fourteen are active. The carrier has 138 passenger seats in a two-class configuration, 102 economy seats, and 36 with extra legroom. 

2) Boeing 737-800

Boeing 737-800 is the best selling among all in the fleet 

Boeing 737-800 is the best-selling and most dominant version in the fleet of the GOL airline. According to, GOL airlines has a total of 89 which accounts for 60% of the fleet, 67 of which are active. 

GOL airlines have different configurations depending on whether it’s flying domestic or international. The domestic flying Boeing 737-800 features 186 economy standard seats, while the international carrier offers 156 economy standard seats with 20 premium economy seats.

The average age of Boeing 737-800 in the fleet is 11.8 years. 

3) Boeing 737 MAX

Boeing 737 MAX is the latest addition to the fleet of GOL airlines, with an average age of just 2.9 years. They are 36 in total in the fleet of GOL’s airline, out of which 33 are active. Over the years, GOL has made several orders for Boeing 737 MAX and continues to do so. 

GOL airline’s fleet size

Owing to the Covid-19 pandemic in recent years led to discussion around the fluctuating GOL’s fleet size. The travel restriction at the beginning of the pandemic led the GOL’s airline to consider shrinking its fleet size. A year later, in April 2021, GOL airlines iterated its decision to shrink the fleet size. 

However, recently seeing the demand pick up again and travel restrictions easing, GOL airline has expressed its desire to fly 75 737 MAX aircraft by 2025. The decision of the GOL airline to expand its fleet size has aroused new hopes in the aviation sector and better options for the passengers.