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The three main brazilian airlines have taken the step to transport for free the health professionals fighting COVID-19. Here’s what each airline is up to:

Azul Airlines

Azul will allow doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists and nutritionists who need to travel to work to combat covid-19 to use the seats available on company flights by paying only the boarding fee. The measure, which was also taken by Gol and Latam, is valid for domestic flights from March 23 to April 30, 2020.

“Our industry has come together to support all medical professionals who are in charge of treating patients with Covid-19. This is the way we found to bring more hope to the population in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic ”, says Azul’s Marketing and Communication director, Claudia Fernandes.

Health professionals who want to take advantage of the program must appear on the day of their trip to one of Azul’s stores at least two hours before departure. To participate, it is necessary to present the official identification card of the competent Regional Council and the written declaration proving that the reason for the trip is due to the care of sick people contaminated or suspected of contamination by covid-19.

Gol Airlines

Gol Linhas Aéreas has just announced that it will transport health professionals (doctors, nurses, psychologists and nutritionists) involved in combating covid-19 for free. For the initiative, they will only pay the boarding fee, charged by the airports. Read statement:

“Take medicine wherever it is needed.
This is a GOL Commitment. ”

From March 23, all health professionals involved in combating Covid-19 will be fully exempt from airfare on GOL’s available seats, paying only the boarding fee.

It is our way of recognizing the work of the heroes who are fighting for the lives of all of us, without thinking about stopping. This virus is also faced with empathy and solidarity.

For this reason, GOL understands that, even in the most delicate moment in the history of commercial aviation, it needs to make its contribution to society and the country.

There is nothing more important at the moment than taking medicine where it needs to go. And as far as GOL is concerned, it will arrive.

Information on this initiative is available on:

How it will work

All of these health professionals above can present themselves at GOL stores, at airports, two or three hours before flights, in order to make it possible, free of charge, to travel to the requested location. Namely, boarding will be subject to the availability of seats on the stretches.

Prior reservations for air tickets are not allowed for those interested in using the service, and it is essential to present the professional accreditation card validated by the competent regional council. In addition, a letter is required to prove the reason for the trip: care for sick people or those suspected of being infected with covid-19.

LATAM Airlines

LATAM Airlines, as well as Gol and Azul (which announced the news on their Instagram), will transport health professionals from March 23 to act in the fight against Covid-19. Doctors, nurses and other specialists involved in combating the pandemic will have total exemption from the airfare, paying only the boarding fee. As a way of recognizing all their dedication during this period, LATAM Pass will also earn another thousand points for each flight flown.

“LATAM’s objective with this activity is to facilitate the access of professionals to the places most impacted by this unprecedented crisis. In addition, the company will make available to health authorities the possibility of transporting clinical supplies, samples and medical equipment necessary to fight the coronavirus.

This action is part of the Avião Solidário program, which, throughout the year, carries out actions focused on health and also on humanitarian aid “, said the company in a statement.