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The National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) approved new rules on the rights and duties of consumers of air services. Among the changes approved by the agency’s board of directors is the permission for companies to charge for their checked baggage. The new rules begin to apply in 90 days, starting on March 14.

Thus, as in other countries, airlines will be able to create their own baggage policies. Companies are now required to offer a free allowance of 23 kg for domestic passengers and two 32 kg bags for international flights.

From now on, airlines will be able to stipulate smaller baggage allowances and, on the other hand, offer cheaper tickets to consumers.

According to ANAC, despite the possibility that companies will charge for the despatch of suitcases, each company will have the autonomy to create its own rules of baggage, including, keeping the allowances currently in use.

In practice, changing baggage rules should impact primarily cheaper air tickets – as is currently the case, for example, in American and European low-cost airlines. The trend is for the most expensive tickets to offer the checked baggage as a courtesy.