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Last Wednesday, Advanced Air Mobility & Corporation America Airports unite into a contract to develop, plan and assimilate a service & support ecosystem for Urban Air Mobility (UAM) operations in Latin America by electric vertical & take off landing aircraft (eVTOL) signed an MoU for Corporation America Airports, a major operator of 53 airports in six-nation (including Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, and Ecuador), will look to expand vertiports across the area.

Vertiports developed in Latin America

Both the major companies signed an MoU to unite their expertise and methodology & bring together best practices for Vertiport plan concepts in the global markets. The teamwork between Advanced Air Mobility & Corporation America Airports will comprise developing the Vertiport network & operations and assessing which airports are top-suited for Vertiport operation.

Corporación América has a collection of 53 airports, mostly in South America. Among the airports administrated through this corporation is (EZE) & (AEP), (BSB), (and MVD) in Montevideo, Uruguay, and Guayaquil International (GYE) in Ecuador.

We are at a very exciting point in the development of the industry as we are taking real steps toward implementing a scalable Vertiport network that will greatly assist us in commercial EVTOL operations; Our Company will be more proactive in achieving those objectives. Confirmed Addison Ferrell, Director of Skyports Infrastructure, which is a corporation managed by Advanced Air Mobility. Skyports develops & operates landing infrastructure for electric air taxis & drones.

Latin America – a district suited for eVTOL actions?

The Latin American region might be one of the finest places in the globe for the progress of urban air mobility throughout eVTOLs. The companies leading this tendency have certainly put a number of eggs in the region’s basket. In the last few years, EVE, an Embraer corporation, & Flapper launched an alliance to develop urban air mobility in Latin America. Plus, Flapper could get up to 25 eVTOL aircraft from EVE.

The Brazilian carriers Azula & GOL Linhas Aéreas signed contracts with Lilium and Avolon to get up to 220 and 250 eVTOL aircraft in the next few years, correspondingly.

Last year, CEO of Vertical Aerospace Stephen Fitzpatrick, explained Sao Paulo as a perfect city for eVTOL aircraft, with residents of over 22 million people. Several Latin American cities, such as Mexico City, Lima, Bogota, & Buenos Aires, also have these characteristics. Taking to the skies with our EVTOL zero-emissions aircraft, it will transform how people travel around populous cities clogged with traffic.