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LATAM Brasil is preparing to soar to the Southern Hemisphere this coming summer season. The Brazilian carrier is looking to operate around 3,200 additional flights on its domestic and international routes between December 1 and January 31. This number of all these flights shows an increase of about 10% compared to the previous month of October and November 2022. The airline is expected to cater to a demand of seven million travelers throughout this period.

Brazil’s high season

The next two months are Brazil’s high season, & the airlines are getting prepared for it. According to data from Cirium, in December, we can notice 7.9% more flights listed domestically and globally in the South American nation compared to November. LATAM Brasil is seeking to close the year on a strong note. The airline declared it will control more than 3,000 additional flights during the high season.

LATAM’s extra flights are mostly focused on trips from São Paulo (Guarulhos and Congonhas airports) to numerous cities across the nation, such as Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, Recife, Belo Horizonte, Florianópolis, & others. Nonetheless, LATAM Brasil is also seeking to increase its global flights to meet the demand of passengers, mainly in regional destinations such as Buenos Aires, Lima, & Santiago. Aline Mafra, LATAM Brazil’s Director of Sales & Marketing, confirmed,

LATAM, the leading hand in Brazil

After 10 months, LATAM Brasil remains the country’s best and leading airline in terms of carried passengers, according to data released by the government. Between January and October 2022, LATAM Brasil carried 23.73 million passengers (or 24.62 million if we include the global numbers of LATAM Chile & LATAM Peru). The airline holds around 31% of the souk share in Brazil and has recovered around 80% of its pre-pandemic traffic levels.

In October 2022, LATAM operated 16,856 home flights in Brazil, with an average load aspect of 80.2%. In the operation between Brazil & other countries, there were 1,440 flights, with a standard load factor of 88.6%. Overall, LATAM carried more than 2.8 million passengers in the Brazilian marketplace.

Brazil’s data in 2022

By October 2022, about 78 million passengers have been recorded in Brazil. Currently, the country is still behind Mexico in terms of total passengers. Mexico recorded 87 million passengers last month (a 4% increase compared to pre-COVID levels), while Brazil only reached 79.9% of its pre-pandemic levels.

LATAM, Azul, and GOL remain the state’s top airlines, carrying 23.73 million, 22.58 million, and 21.96 million passengers, respectively. And globally, LATAM is the country’s top airline with more than two million passengers, followed by TAP Portugal (1.29 million), Copa Airlines (787,654), and GOL (687,896).