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A wide range of partners means a wide choice for choosing among, something that every frequent traveler secretly wishes. United Airlines has established partnerships in addition to the Star Alliance partnership, it has a further partnership beyond.


The partnership offers further perks and benefits to the passengers. Firstly, they offer United miles when booking. If you are someone, who holds United status, you are eligible for benefits while flying. And later redeem United MileagePlus miles by booking a434 flight with the partner airline as per the space availability.

Let’s look at the United Airlines partners and flight bookings that book via United miles.

With several partner choices, passengers have a better possibility of gaining benefits.

1)Aer Lingus- Travelling from the US to Europe

Aer Lingus, the Irish Dublin airline, offers passengers non-stop flights to the least common transatlantic destinations airports like Orlando, Hartford, and Cleveland, excluding the extra kilometers while connecting to the US directly.

While business class in Aer Lingus is not that beneficial from the east coast compared to that if you are traveling from the west coast- for example, from Boston to Dublin is only a 6-hour  flight.

2) Azul Brazilian airline Connecting the US to Brazil

Star airlines have been doing a great job connecting the United States to South American  Brazil. The flights have operated by United Airlines, with connections served by Copa and Avianca airlines.

 In addition, Azul Airline offers non-stop routes, connecting the US with Brazil, avoiding unwanted travel, and saving extra hours. Azul airlines have an extensive network and offer deals to customers who fly across the country.

3)Airlink Connecting South Africa to Safari stop.

Airlines cover popular routes serving a fast way to connect with the destination, saving time and bypassing additional travel. Utilize the  United awards to get additional benefits adding value to the travel plans.

4)Olympic Air connecting Athens to the Greek Island

Olympic air covers various routes across Greece, which makes travel easy. If transitioning via Greece, it is always better to find your connection to the destination without having to leave the airport. Through Olympic Air, you can also book your transatlantic journey, like from the US to Athens, etc.

5) Air Vistara connecting India to Maldives

Maldives is a popular tourist destination owing to its picturesque location, water sports facilities, and five-star resort facilities make it on the bucket list of many. Air Vistara flies from Mumbai, India connecting to Male, Maldives. United Miles can be used to match star alliance and non-alliance partners.