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Azul is one of the largest Brazilian Airlines in terms of the destinations that it serves. Apart from being one of the latest airlines, the airline has been also recognized now as one of the most punctual airlines. 

Cirium, one of the leading data analysis solutions has stated that Azul Airlines is the most punctual airline in the world according to the data available by March 2022. Also, ANAC, the civil aviation authority of Brazil has mentioned Azul as Brazil’s best airline on the basis of customer ratings and reviews.

Punctuality Statistics

The experts at Cirium tracked as many as 99.53% of Azul flights and found that about 92.73% of arriving flights were on time while about 93.46% of departing flights were on time in March 2022. 

Japan Airlines offered a close competition as 90.63% of arrival flights were on time while 91.39% of departing flights were on time. 

The data analysis solution came up with a list of 8 airlines across the world on basis of punctuality among which Azul of Brazil came up at the top of the list in March 2022. The list of punctual airlines on basis of ranking are:

  • Azul Airlines
  • Sky Airline
  • Copa Airlines
  • LATAM Airlines
  • Aerolineas Argentinas
  • SA Avianca
  • Aeromexico
  • Volaris

Operations and Milestone of Azul

With the award of the best airline in Brazil, Azul does not stop developing and growing. Azul operates mainly from three major airports in Brazil and serves about 151 destinations with about 900 flights daily. The airline has mentioned that they have experienced a 10% growth in the passenger count in 2022 in comparison to 2019. 

The airline has also set several other milestones to achieve to offer even better convenience to its passengers. The most recent one is the setup to install WiFi in all the fleets of Azul. Apart from this, the company is also all set to transform a few of its passenger fleets into freighter flights in the coming up days. 

Of course, due to so much effort that the airline is putting in, it is also getting recognized with different awards from time to time. To be precise, the airline has achieved as many as about 53 such honours in the last 13 months. Azul is still on its way to achieving different milestones and it seems that it has many more honours and recognitions to gain in the coming time.