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Azul Airlines became one of the very first airlines in the world that adapted to the new normal for travel. The CEO of Azul has mentioned that the airline has seen noticed an increasing demand since the first quarter of the year itself. 

The Revenue Growth of Azul

The revenue of Azul has seen a new growth even in the scenario of Omicron spread. The airline mentioned that the revenue in the first quarter this year is about 26% more than the revenue that the airline earned about three years ago. It also mentioned that even the passenger traffic of the airline was about 15% higher than the earlier years. 

The Brazilian airlines were also going through losses during the pandemic situation like many other airlines across the world. But Azul has mentioned that in this quarter, it has made a revenue profit of about 2.7 billion Brazilian reais.

How is Azul’s Story Different from Others?

The pandemic has impacted all airlines across the world. So, what is so different with Azul that has made it earn good revenue. There is a cliche when we consider Azul along with other airlines across the world. 

Azul serves mostly the domestic airports in Brazil, as much as about 89%. Brazil did not impose many restrictions on its air travel routes in comparison to other countries across the world. For this reason, only, many other countries imposed restrictions on passengers coming to and from Brazil for some time. 

Thus, Azul enjoyed the liberty of serving the passengers who were taking air travel in Brazil. When situations deteriorated, the airlines started coming up with various rules and regulations that would allow the passengers to be safe while flying so that the airlines do not have to stop their services. 

New Achievements

Azul Airlines have succeeded in maintaining a good revenue due to a number of reasons today. The airline company has restored many of its routes quite fast that were otherwise stopped during the pandemic. Also, the airline has started up different programs such as logistics, loyalty programs, and many others that have increased its demand to about 30% than before. 

The airline has many things in mind to achieve in the near future. Surely, it can be said that the airline is quite bullish in its nature right now and is all set to leave other competitors behind while increasing its revenue and demand even more now.