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LATAM Airlines Brazil operated a special flight, dedicated to the upcoming Rock in Rip festival. 

The Rock in Rio festival is organized after almost 2 years due to the ongoing pandemic. This year, the festival will be celebrated from 2nd to 4th September and then from 8th to 11th September. There are so many popular music bands that will be performing at the festival and some of them are Cold Play, Guns N’ Roses, Maiden, Green Day, and many more. 

The promotions of the festival have already started and tourists from different parts of the world have been booking different Brazilian airlines for the festival. 

The Special LATAM Flight

LATAM named the special flight Voo do Rock and it flew between the Brazilian airports Congonhas Airport of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro’s Santos Dumont Airport. The LATAM flight LA3924 traveled from the Congonhas Airport at 15:05 on 13th May 2022. 

The flight flew above the City of Rock and took its passengers on a special voyage at a height o 25,000 feet. For this, LATAM Airlines coordinated with the authorities of air travel in Brazil so that there is no disturbance occurred in the general air routes around Rio de Janeiro. 

The Rock on Flight

The flight named Voo do Rock made news for its special operations on this day while flying over the City of Rock. The preparation of the Rock festival is on in Rio de Janeiro and the passengers on board enjoyed a glimpse of what the festival will be like. 

The flight organized a small show by JetLag DJ that is an electronic band from Brazil that will be also performing at the Rock festival. Not just the DJ was the highlight of this flight. Also, the flight offers special sound boxes to each passenger that was attached to their digital systems. The passengers were able to enjoy the playlist of music from different music bands who will be a part of the Rock festival in Rio. 

After facing several restrictions for the Covid outbreak, Brazil is coming back on track and the Rock Festival is one such example of this. While the city of Rock is all getting pepped up for the upcoming festival, LATAM Airlines also showed up its contribution towards the promotion of the festival. The special flight offered a small gig to the passengers about the upcoming festival and also made news throughout the world.