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Brazilian air carrier Azul Airlines recently announced the twenty-one latest routes, benefiting northern and southern regions of Brazil. Azul Airlines will increase seat availability from various South-American countries – Alagoas, Serra, Rio do Norte, Paraiba, and Bahia – to meet growing demand in Brazil during the upcoming summer season.

Twenty-one new routes

Among the twenty-one new routes to meet the demand of the summer season, seven new flight routes will be in the northeastern region only. 

They will be as follows:

  • Confins-Aracaju
  • Goiania-Salvador
  • Congonhas-Porto Seguro,Maceió
  • Foz do Iguaçu-Salvador
  • Rio de Janeiro (SDU)-Ilhéus 
  • Montes Claros-Salvador.

The three cities of Recife, Campinas, Belo Horizonte will witness the highest traffic in the peak season. Also, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Cuiaba, and Porto Alegre, cities will see a spike in traffic during this summer season.It is to note that Azul airlines management has earlier announced that they plan to expand to 170+ cities across Brazil by this year’s end. 

Speaking at an event, Azul airline’s CEO, John Rodgerson, stated the airline improved its service from serving 119 in 2019 to expanding to 154 cities by the second quarter of 2022.

Serving Southern Region

Not limited to serving only northern regions, Azul Airlines will add eleven new routes. Azul Airline’s planning manager, Vitor Silva, stated that with these twenty-one new flight routes, Azul Airlines offers to serve the entire country’s demands by connecting every corner and serving the broad customer base.

The eleven new routes will be :

  • Cuiabá-Florianópolis,Chapecó.
  • Porto Alegre-Chapecó.
  • Navegantes- Santos Dumont,Chapecó.
  • Confins-Navegantes Florianópolis-Santo Ângelo ,Pelotas,Passo Fundo,Santa Maria,Uruguaiana.

Foz do Iguaçu- the western corner in the Parana, will witness latest routes from Cuiaba, Salvador, and Confins. And, there will be enhanced availability of seats in Campinas from Florianopolis, Viracopos, Porto Alegre,Navagantes. 

Boosted Connectivity

The addition of the new twenty-one routes will boost connectivity across Brazil in every nook and corner. It will enhance tourism throughout the length and breadth of Brazil. More than 75% of these newly added routes are uncontested, and Azul Airlines has the competitive edge.

Azul Airlines, CEO John Rodgerson stated that it’s the right time to exploit the opportunities in the aviation space in Brazil as there is huge demand. Also, lower inflation in the European and American markets pushes this trend. It’s a great time to grow in this industry niche. He expressed his positivity about the growth of the aviation sector in Brazil.