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Azul Airlines will send its ATR 72-600 aircraft on the exciting journey across the transatlantic route. The turboprop ATR 72-600 will connect the capital city of Belo Horizonte, situated in the southeastern state of Minas Gerais, to Napoli, one of the largest cities in Italy. Also, it is to note that it will have many stops spaced in between. 

And the fascinating fact is that it will be flying without any passengers, it won’t be a commercial purpose flight instead it will be flying for its maintenance to Italy.

The aircraft for this trip has the registration with PR-ABQ, with naming as Azul Blanc Et Rouge.

Heading to Italy for Maintenance

The turboprop ATR 72-600 is under the age of ten. And is configured for carrying sixty-eight occupant passengers. It’s been with Azul Airlines since November 2012 and is one among the thirty-seven other Azul Airlines owns in its fleet of AR-72s.

The aircraft ATR 72-600 usually flies domestically and connects destinations such as Toledo, Campinas, Ribeirao Preto, and Joinville. And it remains to be watched how the aircraft performs for its long-haul flight for maintenance to Italy’s Napoli.

To meet the demand in the aviation sector, with the easing of Covid-19 travel restrictions in the aftermath of the pandemic- airlines are working to get the fleet back to normal operations. The process for the same begins with the beginning of aircraft maintenance.

The demand surge for aircraft maintenance has put an extra load on the workshops globally. And considering the load on the workshops, aircraft ATR 72-600 have no other than to make a long journey for maintenance to Napoli, Italy.

Ready to welcome ATR to Azul Airlines

Brazilian air carrier Azul Airlines is all set to welcome one more ATR 72-600, seventy-seater aircraft, adding to its fleet. An interesting fact about it is that it was earlier working with Azul under the name Cerrado Azul with PR-AKG registration in 2015.

Expansion plans with Airbus A350-900

Although Azul Airlines is re-welcoming another ATR 72-600 and a long-haul maintenance flight from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, to Napoli, Italy, it is still working on its expansion plans. The wait for Azul Airline for A350-900 Airbus be over soon in a few months. It will be the largest carrier in Azul airline’s fleet carrying 334 passengers ( 33 Business class seats + 301 Economy class seats). It will have the PR-AOY registration.