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Azul, one of the most famous Brazilian airlines is quite well-known for its aircraft options that come with a Disney livery. Earlier, the airline company came up with an airbus aircraft that has a livery of Mickey Mouse and then another one with a Minnie Mouse livery. Inspired by the success of the previous two aircraft, the airline has now come up with a third aircraft with another Disney livery. This time, the airline has introduced Donald Duck in its pack of Disney livery aircraft. 

The Donald Duck Aircraft

Do you remember the Disney movie The Flying Jalopy? This was a short animated movie in which it was shown that Donald Duck owns an aircraft to fly in the sky. Azul Airlines took inspiration from this movie and about 80 years after the release of this movie, it launched an aircraft based on the Disney character Donald Duck. 

Azul has offered such an experience to its passengers before also with its other two Disney livery aircraft. This new aircraft has also evoked a similar interest and excitement among the passengers.

More about the Donald Duck Flight

The Donald Duck flight by Azul is all set to offer a magical experience to its passengers. The Airbus A320neo does not just feature a Donald Duck livery but also has its cabin customized according to the Disney characters. 

The aircraft cabin has two classes in which 30 seats are for the economy plus class while the rest 144 seats are for the economy class. The aircraft came on 15th April 2022 and it is yet to take its first flight. 

Azul is planning that the flight will be operating between different airports in Brazil such as Brasilia and many other parts of the world such as Viracopos, Sinop, and others. 

Upcoming Plan of Azul

Azul is not the only airline that has come up with Disney characters on its aircraft. There are also many other airlines across the world that have been partnering up with Disney to offer a magical experience to the passengers. 

Even Azul has plans for the future and it has mentioned that it is planning to come up with one more such Disney-based aircraft in the near future. Though the airline company has not revealed the name of the Disney character that it will be coming up with next but many experts have estimated that it can be Pluto this time. Well, it will be interesting to see what is next in store for Azul.