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It is almost 2 years since the pandemic hit the world and Brazil has faced a major impact on its aviation industry. Even after 2 years, the country has not completely recovered. According to the experts, the industry of air travel in Brazil has recovered just 75% by now. One of the major airline companies that have helped the aviation industry in Brazil to return back on track efficiently is LATAM. 

The Recovery Data

According to the records, way back in the year 2019, Brazil counted the number of travelers to be around 39.8 million. After the pandemic situation recovery, in the year 2022, the number of travelers was counted as around 29.8 million. On basis of this data, it can be said that the country has managed to recover about 75% of its aviation market. Of course, the recovery pattern is faster in the domestic aviation market of the company, compared to the international market. Brazil may take some more time in getting back to its old international routes and different airlines are trying their best in establishing the international routes once again. 

How has LATAM led the way?

Brazil has recovered 75% of its domestic market and 50% of its international market. Major airline companies have an eminent hand in getting this recovery. LATAM Airlines is one specific name that has led the way and has helped the country in recovering from the pandemic conditions. 

By now LATAM has carried as many as 9.24 million travelers on domestic as well as international flights. Apart from LATAM, many Brazilian airlines are also following this path which can contribute to the recovery process of the aviation industry of the country.

One such example is GOL Airlines. After LATAM, GOL is in the second rank which has been carrying a high number of passengers. Azul Airlines is on the third number in the race. 

Not just domestic but LATAM has also shown remarkable results in international air travel too. Some of the known airline companies in the country are also not able to reach the margin that has been covered by LATAM. 

Apart from leading the recovery way in Brazil, LATAM is all set to accomplish its new goals now. Currently, it has plans for around 3000 flights in the upcoming month. The airline is continuously planning to increase its scheduled flights over time in order to carry more and more passengers within the country and also to and from Brazil.