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Vertical Aerospace along with many other names such as Avolon, CAAP, Grupo Comporte, and GOL Airlines have come together for the purpose of eVOT Vertiport development in Brazil lately. This is going to be a turning point for the country as it will get something unique and the world is going to eye on it. 

The eVTOL Aircraft

The idea of the whole team is to launch the services of Urban Air Mobility in Brazil. For this, Vertical Aerospace is coming up with the VX4 eVTOL aircraft. The aircraft will be a five-seater and can fly across a distance of about 100 miles. The speed of the aircraft is projected to be something around 200 miles every hour. 

The company will be taking certification from the U.K Civil Aviation Authority and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency for the purpose. After the certification procedure is completed, there is a target of having 250 such aircraft in Brazil.  

Apart from Vertical Aerospace, other big names also such as Embraer is also eyeing the Brazilian airports for such operations. It is said that Embraer will also come up with a major partner Eve Air Mobility for the purpose.

The Plan

While a lot of speculations and ideas are being made, launching such a service requires a lot of planning and execution in the right way. There are so many things to be done to start up with the process and the most important and initial one is to get designs for the vertiports that will be there at the right locations. The Urban Air Mobility service (UAM) is something new in Brazil and hence the vertiports have to be made in accordance with the service. 

Of course, all the team members are working closely to make this happen in a grand way. All the team members are bringing in something or the other in terms of expertise so that a better plan can be curated and the service can be launched at the earliest. 

CAAP has mentioned that it has already started creating virtual vertiports in many other countries across the world. Hence, it will be soon coming up with one such virtual vertiport design for Brazil too. As soon as the plan is complete and all the certification task is completed, the execution of the plan should start. 

GOL along with Grupo are some of the major partners in this venture. Alongside, they are also major customers who have already quoted that they will be purchasing the aircraft.