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SEATTLE (EUA) – A group of executives and journalists were invited by Boeing, Delta and GOL for the delivery of the new Boeing 737-800NG Sky Interior.

The new plane will land in Belo Horizonte, and it is the 128º Boeing on GOL’s fleet, after 14 years of the exclusive partnership between Boeing and the Brazilian carrier, which is Boeing’s largest client in Latin America and among Boeing’s five largest customers in the world.
Because of that, Boeing has developed equipment specifically for GOL, such as the 737NG, Short Field Performance, ideal for operation on short runways and used by GOL to operate  the 737-700 and 800 at Rio’s Santos Dumont airport.  Those are the largest planes that operate at that airport.
Gol will also be the first carrier in South America to receive in 2017 the new Boeing 737 Max, which will provide a 17% fuel economy, for which GOL has an option to purchase 60 units.