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Everyone wants a window seat on a plane, but not everyone gets one. If someone doesn’t have a window seat, they may get angry and try to take it away from someone else. However, these women didn’t hold back in their attempts to get a window seat. They even delayed the flight by two hours.

About 15 passengers (mostly women) on a Gol flight in Brazil got into a violent argument over a window seat, causing a two-hour delay, and then a major altercation. Here’s what happened.

A fight broke out for a window seat on a flight that was delayed.

A mother on a flight from Brazil to Brazil’s largest city, Sao Paulo, argued with another passenger on Thursday morning about whether the passenger could move to the mother’s seat so that the mother’s disabled child could sit next to her. The argument quickly escalated, and the plane was eventually forced to return to the airport.

After the would-be passenger refused to transfer seats, the woman had a violent outburst and began attacking the passenger’s family, prompting flight attendants and the captain to intervene. The woman was subsequently restrained and the flight continued on its way.

According to a Daily Mail report, a cabin crew member claimed that the fight between two passengers began in row 20 of the flight and that she was already locking the doors when she noticed it.

The flight attendant said that she was in the middle of an ugly brawl between two women, during which they were screaming, slapping, and cursing at one another.

At one point, a passenger was forced to cover her breasts since all of the hair pulling and colliding caused her to spill out of the strapless garment.

The customers were deplaned 

The airline confirmed that an event took place that caused some customers to be deplaned, but the passengers were eventually re-boarded and the flight was delayed for nearly two hours.

Gol reports that the situation in the social media video occurred before the takeoff of flight G3 1659 this Thursday (02/02) from Salvador (SSA) to Congonhas (CGH), in So Paulo.

The company regrets any violence that may have occurred, and reminds everyone that their top priority is safety. The crew team’s actions were conducted with the intention of keeping everyone safe.