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Avianca Brasil filed the bankruptcy this year and now when the mid of year has started this story appears to be approaching its end. Last Friday Brasil’s National Civil Aviation Agency suspended the airline’s concession of regular air transport operations, which included passenger and cargo flights. According to the agency, the suspension was enacted as Avianca failed to fulfill some clauses of its signed contract.

Before this ANAC has suspended the airline’s certificate of air transport due to safety concerns. Since the announcement airline has not been able to fly. However, the airline can distribute its slots at major Brazilian airports.

The three major carriers in Brazil, Azul, Gol and LATAM Brasil, have been in race to acquire Avianca Brasil’s valuable slots. The major focal point is Congonhas, which would eventually allow Azul to get into the high-yield, corporate Rio (SDU) – Sao Paulo (CGH) market.

Other than these many foreign aviation companies showed interest in the Congonhas slots, like Passaredo, Sideral and even Globalia Group, which owns Air Europa, ANAC decided to start conversations about it before starting up the slots distribution.

The agency stated that “In relation to Congonhas Airport, since the airport has already a critical level of concentration and an extremely high infrastructure saturation, the Agency will start a consultation process this week to hear the interested parties on the distribution of slots in such aerodrome.”