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The seventh round of Airport Concession is about to take place on 18th August 2022 and as per the news, Campo de Marte Airport is going to be a major highlight in the auction. 


What is so special about the Campo de Marte?

The Campo de Marte airport has a special place in the market for air travel in Brazil. This is because the airport was in dispute since the year 1932. In the earlier phase, it was involved in a political dispute that went on for a pretty long time. When the political dispute got over, soon the airport got involved in a judicial dispute in which the Federal Government attacked teh operations of the airport and the Sao Paulo management fought alone against it. 


During the dispute, many governors and mayors of Sao Paulo tries to take control of the operations of the airport so that they can make changes to it and make it run according to them. On the other hand, the neighbours were not in the favour of starting the airport as Campo de Marte was known for a number of aircraft accidents in the past. 


Soon, Sao Paulo lost the fight and the Federal Government of Brazil took over the management of Campo de Marte airport. 


The end of the conflict

Finally, the conflict has come to an end with the victory of the Federal Government and the Campo de Marte airport will be auctioned this year. The Government has got several plans after the auction such as building an aviation park, a museum, and other elements in place of the airfield. The details of the elements that are coming up will be known only after the auction is finalized and the plans are getting executed. 


At present, Campo de Marte is known to have the largest number of helicopters in Brazil. Also, it has a good number of hangers to handle the operations of these helicopters for business as well as for other travel purposes. Of course, there are also other facilities and features available at the airfield that has attracted the federal government and has made the airport enter this auction. 


It will be quite interesting to see how the auction of the Campo de Marte goes and what the plans are that will be arranged for the airfield in the long run. The Government is surely expecting a lot from this airfield that has been there inactive for the last 90 years or so.