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Iberia Airlines has been working hard to restore its capacity post-pandemic and results are quite visible now. It is restoring its capacity and should be able to meet the targets that it used to have before the pandemic by October this year in Brazil. 


What do the reports say?

Recently, a report has come up based on the plans and working of this Spanish airline. According to the report, Iberia will be offering 20 flights between airports in Brazil and Spain on a weekly basis with about 6,082 seats.


According to the statistics, Iberia has resumed its capacity with about 69.45%. With such data, it has entered the competitive market with LATAM airlines and Air Europa in resuming international flights. 


The commercial director of Iberia has mentioned that they are betting on Brazil in order to resume their international flights in a broader way post-pandemic. 


Iberia Brazil Flight details

Iberia has been serving the Brazil route for the last 76 years and still believes that it is one such destination that is going to help the airline recover in a huge way. Thus, after the pandemic lockdown and restrictions were released, Iberia made the move to start its flight first to Sao Paulo in Brazil. 


Currently, the airline is all set to start its route to another eminent destination in Brazil, Rio de Janerio. There will be to and from Madrid and Rio de Janerio three days a week. The flights will be operational on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays each week. 


Iberia is resuming its flights to and from Rio de Janerio after 19th July 2020. Currently, the route will be operated by the aircraft A330-200 which has a space of about 288 seats. 


Apart from Madrid, the passengers flying from Brazil in Iberia aircraft will have the opportunity to travel to several other European destinations as well. 


Another data suggesting the recovery of Iberia airline has mentioned that in the first half of the year 2022 itself, the airline has carried about 333,373 passengers between both countries along with more than 10,000 tons of cargo. As of now there, were about 1,276 flights operational between Spain and Brazil but with the resuming of this route to and from Rio de Janerio, the numbers will definitely increase. This will not just boost the economy and growth of the Iberia airline but also will open doors of European countries for the passengers from Brazil.