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LATAM and GOL introduce Boarding with Face Recognition in Brazil

By August 8, 2022August 17th, 2022No Comments

The two famous Brazilian airlines LATAM Brazil and GOL have introduced their new boarding system through face recognition now in Brazil. The plan was much talked about over the last few months and now finally it has come into action. Currently, the system has been incorporated in two of the popular airports in Brazil that are Congonhas in Sao Paulo and Santos Dumont in Rio de Janerio. 


The Introduction of the New System by GOL

GOL Airlines started with this new face recognition system on 9th August 2022 where the passengers will be able to complete their check-in as well as boarding with the help of a face recognition system. The system is available now in the GOL app and this will be extremely helpful in offering better convenience to the passengers as well as expediting the boarding process at the airport. 


The system has been introduced at Congonhas airport and Santos Dumont airport currently from where GOL manages to operate as many as 875 domestic flights on a weekly basis. 


The Introduction by LATAM Brazil

Similar to GOL, LATAM airlines Brazil has also introduced a face recognition system for boarding from these two airports. For LATAM also, it will be a great convenient move because it serves as many as 1031 domestic flights on a weekly basis from these two airports.


It is quite interesting to know that LATAM has been trying to incorporate biometrics and face recognition systems in its boarding system since the year 2020. Finally, it has come up with the final system and has incorporated it as well. 


To offer better convenience to the passengers, LATAM Brazil has installed QR codes at different locations of the airport so that the passengers can easily scan through the QR code and complete their boarding process. 


The New System

Many passengers are quite anxious about how the new face recognition system will actually work. So, it will be a two-step process. Once the passengers have to go through the biometrics and face recognition at the entry of the departure lounge for baggage and security. Then they again have to go through the same process at the time of boarding the aircraft. 


It has been noticed that the system was able to reduce the boarding time of each passenger by at least 8 seconds. Thus, it is not just going to offer convenience to the passengers but will also help the airport authorities as well as the airline companies to save time and manage the passengers in a much better way.